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TVXQ, Fan Narrative by Belinda (San Jose, CA)
Belinda became a fan of Dong Bang Shin Ki (DB5K) because of their music, dancing and personality as seen in interviews. Her favorite song is the Korean version of "Love in the Ice."  Her favorite music video is "Mirotic." She supports them by buying…

SHINee, Fan Narrative by Nunee (Charlotte, NC)
Fan Narrative I can’t remember the exact moment I first saw or heard SHINee, but I’m pretty sure I came to know of them through my YouTube searches of MBLAQ (I originally came to Kpop through Rain, which led me to following his protege group,…

SHINee, Fan Narrative by Elaine (Seoul, South Korea)
Fan Narrative My path to becoming a Shawol was gradual. It all started when I was listening to an online Kpop radio for the first time. It was this time when I heard my first SHINee song, “Love’s Way” on the radio. I was floored when I first…